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One of the most important lessons every website owner must know is the anatomy of the search result, which can help with SEO. What is there in the search result? What can you expect to get from it? What does it do? As a website owner in Ireland, what lessons can you learn from it?

The Google search result has many parts and each part serves a purpose. Knowing these parts and their purposes will help you make the best use of them. With knowledge and good practices, you will be able to succeed.


The title comes from the title tag on the page. If you want your title to be easily found by robots, you must make sure that you include one or two keywords on your title. Ensure that both the title tag and the page are crawlable so that Google will not use anchor texts as the title.


The snippet, as the name implies, is a brief description of the page and it is located just right beneath the title.  It is from this area where Google pulls the page’s meta description tag. However, sometimes they do pull contextually from the page based on the query words. It is not a secret that sometimes Google just grabs the most relevant sentence and includes it on the snippet to make it easier for searchers to find what they are looking for.

Take a good look at the snippet for your page so you can determine if it is from the meta description on your site or if the words are from your page. Google’s webmaster tools are also indispensable in finding out what queries return your site and what does not.


If you have not noticed it yet you should know that Google bolds the query words when they appear on the search result anywhere. This helps searchers zero in on the relevance of the result. Google returns only pages which include synonyms of the query.  Take note though that synonyms are not bolded. Only the exact words are bolded.

Plus Box

There are some search results which also come with a plus box. The plus box provides searchers more information. For example, if you are searching for the address of a fastfood chain, you will most likely see a map on the plus box.  You might and will see different things on the plus box as Google continues to experiment with it. So, if you have a local business it is a must to make sure that you have a crawlable address.

Meta data

There are many items in the search result and some of them are the page size and the URL. If the page is still fresh, Google will also take a look at the last time the page was crawled.

Cached link

The cached link has a lot of benefits.  There are times when the page loads slowly and when this happens, the cached link can still get you the information you need. You also need not fear if the page is deleted because the website’s data can still be retrieved through the cached link.

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