Public relations is more than just giving the company an excellent façade. Public relations has changed with the times and today it is now a big part of digital marketing which companies and businesses use to promote their brand, services and products. Today, PR is no longer strictly traditional. It has evolved and it has now become even better than before.

It is imperative for people to look at PR with a broader view and understand the implications it has on overall digital marketing and changing the landscape. It will make more sense when people start understanding it as a part of the bigger digital marketing scheme. There are three areas which benefit from digital PR integration. Both go hand in hand these days and it will benefit everyone if they can see just how both worlds are connected.


Google is now penalizing sites which get backlinks in ways which are frowned upon by the community. On the other hand, Google also rewards sites which gain backlinks naturally. If you are looking for ways to get natural backlinks, you will be very happy to know that digital PR can help you in this area. It can generate backlinks to a site by securing online placements. Aside from driving direct traffic to your site, links to your site from a high traffic blog can also serve as a feather in your SEO hat from Google’s perspective.

There are numerous wire services which can help you with this pursuit and two good examples are PR Newswire and Marketwire. You will also have the opportunity to get picked up by major search engines.

Content generation

Content for your blog or website should be fresh, entertaining and original. When talking about common subjects, you must approach them from a fresh perspective. When your PR team works with your content team, they will understand that a single announcement can easily be transformed into a new blog or social post. Also having your PR familiar with what your thought leaders are discussing will give them additional topic or information which they otherwise would not have seen.

You will also be able to get better brand exposure if you get the company’s thought leaders placed on blogs which are well-read in a guest-posting capacity.

Social media

Social media has become very powerful today and anybody who chooses to ignore it will be in the losing end. If you want to stay relevant, you need to embrace social media. In order to keep your company’s message consistent across all channels, it is a must to create a digital editorial calendar.  Social media is also a vital tool in crisis management.

It’s no secret that when people are pleased or displeased with a service or product, they tend to talk about it on various social media channels. Crisis management will be a lot easier when you have someone manning social media channels and immediately responding to the needs of customers. A simple complaint from a dissatisfied customer can send your sales in a nosedive and ruin your reputation when not addressed properly.

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