Although Facebook is the most popular social networking site today with billions of users worldwide, it does not mean that Google is not putting up a fight to get a fair share of the market. They have already unveiled Google+ with the hopes of making a mark on the social scene.

The launch of Google+ should not only be seen as a bid to outdo Facebook, it is also a reflection of the ever increasing importance of social signals in the marketplace. Social signals affect how your site’s information is presented to customers and ranked in Google. Although there have been quite a few issues in the past Google has made the necessary changes for improvement and is now in the way to success.

When it comes to search engines, Google is always the frontrunner. It is the choice of consumers who are searching for information online and it has monetized its search offering quite well. In the second quarter of 2012, their revenue’s growth has reached more than 30%. Anything a person needs, from purchasing household items to looking for cheap airfare, is done on Google. Interestingly, this is fuelled by social media and if you want to know how, read on.

Social Media and Google

Social media allows people to create and exchange content. Ask customers what greatly influences their buying practices and they will tell you that it is the reviews they see on the World Wide Web. Google is a search engine which constantly updates and innovate itself in order to improve the user experience and it includes social content on their updates.

The results page for Google Search has also changed radically and it is now mostly fuelled by social networking and social sites. You want to have a clearer picture of this? Let us examine the search for a Samsonite luggage. In January of this year, there was still not social media integration. More than 90% of consumers are visual so if you search for Samsonite luggage, you will also see picture of the merchandise, as well as the price.

There are no social elements incorporated. As mentioned earlier, consumers rely on reviews when making purchasing decisions. Most consumers would go to Amazon to look at reviews. This is where social content comes in because people who have bought and tried products will most likely write about their experiences.

What will it do for your business?

When the content on your website is generated towards users, it will be very easy for them to find the product they are looking for. Choosing among items, paying for them and getting them shipped will be easy and fast. If your site executes the fundamentals, it will have a huge advantage on those which do not.

Because user experience is quite excellent, you will notice better and more quality reviews from customers and this can boost your business in so many ways. Do not forget to also organise reviews accordingly so that it will be easier for everyone to find, even mobile users.

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