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Writing sometimes comes easily and naturally but there are also times when we just don’t know what to write about. There are times when writing a page or two of content can be a very difficult task to accomplish. It can be very tough to come up with material at times. Everything can be so mundane and boring at times. So, what do you do if you do not know what to write about? How do you come up with material which is entertaining and informative?

Product specifications

Are you selling something? What type of product are selling? You product could be just exactly what you need if you are looking for something to write about. Write about your product specification and then link to the specifications from a relevant product page.

When you write about your product, you must not forget about SEO value.  Specifications must in HTML format but it is also possible to link to a printable PDF version of your product specifications. Ensure that your page is unique by rewriting paragraph text.

Transcribe videos

Text is not the only way to get your message across to people. Videos have become staples for people who own websites too. It helps them relay to customers what their product or service is all about. It can also teach customers a thing or two about how to use your product. Transcribing a video or podcast is definitely new material. Just make sure that you put the transcription on the same page as the video.

Make sure that your transcription is readable. Sometimes the spoken word can be slang or it could have incomplete sentences. This may work perfectly when you are speaking live but it will not make for a good read.

Do not be afraid to link out if the transcript is related to a product or service.

Answer basic questions

Customers have a lot of questions most of the time and you will be doing them a lot of service if you answer the questions in their minds. When you answer their questions, you will have to access to instant content.

How do you know what customers are wondering about? Simple, just put up a form on your site where customers can put their queries. Then write a short article when you answer their questions. The more detailed you are, the better.

Do not forget to link from your site to other relevant pages. Do an occasional roundup every once in a while and posts all questions together which are relevant to a single topic.

Funny Experiences

If you have been in business for quite some time now you would undoubtedly have a lot of anecdotes or funny stories to tell. You would be very happy to know that this makes for very good content. Write about your funny stories but do avoid being mean to anyone. Make sure that your story is relevant to your business.

The Best that’s Happened

Aside from your funny stories, you can also write about the best thing that’s happened to your industry or business. This is a very subject and you should have no problems with this one.

The Bad and Ugly

If there are good things, there are also bad and ugly things. But before you go ahead and print, let it sit for 24 hours, read it again and decide if you still want to go ahead and publish.

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