SEO or search engine optimisation is not rocket science and it cannot give you the results you want overnight. It takes effort, time and research and without all these three components, it would be quite difficult to succeed or get top rankings. A deeper understanding of SEO is necessary to make the most out of it and to make it work for you.

Improving you awareness and increasing your knowledge about SEO can only be done by finding out more about it. Your thirst for SEO knowledge will serve you well into the future. It is important for everyone to remember that there is so much more to SEO than keywords.

Where is SEO going?

Where is SEO really heading?  Although we might have different experiences when it comes to SEO, some may be advanced while others may only be new, one thing is for sure, people think that SEO is a race to the finish line in terms of producing the most quality content.

Understanding the basics of SEO will go a long way. You must be able to determine opportunities and take advantage of those which present themselves to you. No chance must be wasted in boosting your presence and gaining the lead over other companies.

Search engines are leaving us clues as to how we will be able to better utilise SEO to our advantage. However, it’s also important to take a break once in a while so that you do not lose sight of what is truly important.  Your ultimate goal in putting a huge effort in gaining the top spot and getting your message across to people is to get them to trust you and purchase your service or product. What good are top rankings if you do not have loyal customers?

Human intent

Always look at the human intent. You are writing for humans and not for robots. It’s people who will pay for your products and services, not the robots which crawl information or the search engines. Always put value on your audience. Always keep them in mind when writing.

You owe it to them to conduct proper research so you can come up with articles which are entertaining, accurate and rich in information. If the content you are offering is useful, people will keep coming back to it and when you gain their trust, you will be able to introduce your product to them.  Once they know that you can be trusted, they will be purchasing your products with much confidence.

If your product or service is good, they might just introduce it to family and friends and this means more sales and profits for the company.  Users will know if you give them value or not so make it a point to do everything you possibly can to make them feel that your only end goal is pleasing them, nothing more and nothing else.

When you understand the needs of your customers you will be better able to provide them with exactly what they need.

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