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Local SEO is very much different from international SEO. With international SEO you are targeting a much wider audience. With local SEO you are targeting perhaps only the people in your city or maybe in your country. Although they have a lot of differences, they also have a lot of things in common.

Keyword content

Regardless if you are writing for local or international customers, one thing is true and that is keyword content is essential. Google has long been using keyword patterns to determine the locality of the search. This is not limited to the inclusion of geographic terms in the search query but also the positioning of the geographic term in the search query.

In international SEO, geographic terms have the power to confuse, as well as clarify the search terms. However, the principle remains true. The search query has useful indicators for both local and international locations.

Using an IP address

One good solution which helps determine local and international SEO correctly and easily is with the use of an IP address. IP location is different than it was ten years ago. It has become very accurate however it benefits local SEO more than it does international SEO.

Mobile search

Mobile search is now becoming more and more popular as these handy devices have also become more indispensable every day. It is important for any site owner to consider the needs of the mobile user or else the business will be losing out big time. Nowadays it is mandatory for websites all over the world to have a mobile version if they aim to reach a wider audience.

Physical addresses

When people deal with companies either local or international, they want to know who they are dealing with and this includes knowing where your business is located. You should also list your physical address on Google Maps and Google Places.

Correct prices

If your website deals with selling products or services, you must ensure that you have the correct prices listed. Pricing may differ from one country to another because of conversion rates and tax. Displaying incorrect prices will hurt your SEO efforts and this will lead your company to lose its credibility. You want to redirect crawlers to where they should be going.  Local SEO needs to make sure that they also have the correct pricing. Pricing must be checked regularly because it may differ due to seasonality.

Much has been said about how to do local and international SEO correctly. Much has also been written about how they differ from one another. However, there are also similarities which every website owner or SEO should know and consider.

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