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One of the most popular forms of content in social media are photographs or pictures.  Pictures are easily consumed, helps tell stories without consuming too much space and requires less reading. Not everyone who goes on the Internet likes to read. As a matter of fact, a huge percentage of people dislike reading long articles and paragraphs. They would rather look at pictures which tell stories. Everyone is busy nowadays and do not have the luxury to sit down and read pages and pages of text.

It is easy to make pictures work for you and your site. However, if you want to be truly successful when it comes to using pictures, we have some tips for you which will give you the results you have long wanted.

Helpful Tips

Use large images

For any social media news, the largest images must be used.  Nobody likes to look low resolution images or images which are small. Confused about what people call “largest” images, your default size for largest should be 800px wide.

Mark original pictures

How many times have we seen original pictures being used by someone else and being claimed by other as their own? This is a crime which is not new. A lot of people and sites are guilty of it. If you are using your original pictures, mark them so as to prevent others from stealing them and using them without any attribution to you.  However, you should also remember that excessive watermarking and labeling can be detrimental to the success of your social media site.

Use the same size of images

Never make the mistake of using images of different sizes. All your images must be uniformed. Nobody wants to see one page with large pictures and another page on your site with small pictures.  This will give your site or your article a more polished and more professional look.

Use categories for your images

If you have a set of images to use always make sure that you submit them to the correct categories.  For some websites they call it images while others call them pictures. Whatever they may call it; just make sure that the category is right.

Use a host for your images

There are many servers which you can use for your images and a good example of a free one is Flickr. Use the one you are most convenient with as a server for your images.

Some of the most popular images on the web today are funny images. You will see an abundance of them on social media sites and they often get the highest votes too.  Humorous cartoons are always popular and are most often talked about. If you have a photograph and you would like to make it appear funnier or would like to improve it or make some changes, you can use Photoshop to create better looking images.

Images are powerful and they can be used to get you point across to people better and quicker. So, use them wisely and use them to your advantage.

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