There has been a lot of talk about SEO being dead or already dying and for people to completely abandon it and look for new ways to have higher rankings in search engines.  The SEO we used to practice before is no longer valid and it is high time to explore other options.

Different people and different companies approach things differently. It is by doing so that they find out for themselves what truly works for them and what does not. However, there are those who cling to old habits even though it is already very obvious that it is not giving them the results they are looking for or want. Old habits can be very difficult to kick to the curb but if there are newer, better ways of doing things, they should be worth trying right? The same thing applied to link building.

SEO is not yet dead. As a matter of fact, with all the updates and changes today, it has become even more important. Google has been penalizing sites left and right lately and these are sites with low quality content, as well as bought links. They want nothing but high quality content and organic search results. If you are guilty of some of these transgressions, it is time to clean your act up.

Several researches have underscored the importance of organic search results and how people only want organic results. Google has raised its quality standards so sites which do not meet their criteria are getting affected.

Social media and networks

Search results are getting supplemented by social media and the content generated by people who use the wide variety of social media available today. What is on your site says what you want to say about yourself but what is on social media is what people say about you. It is important for both versions to be in harmony if you want to establish credibility.

As search engines continuously work to ensure the quality of search results, the weight given to these results continue to change. It is the responsibility of each website owner to adapt to the changing times if they want to survive. This is why SEO is still in demand, moreso today.

SEO is alive

SEO is alive and well, it has never died although it might have been out of the limelight for quite some time. However, not just any SEO will do. Bad SEO will not do. You need change and you need to conform to the norms if you want your site to be found by Google and if you want your ventures to be fruitful.

SEO may not be that easy and you may not get results overnight but ensuring that your work is done as accurately as possible will help deliver excellent results. Do not be half-baked about it and do not do a slipshod job of SEO or else all your efforts, time and energy will go to waste.

SEO is getting more challenging than ever before. It has matured and it is now demanding nothing but great quality.

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