Google Introduces New AI Features to Enhance Search Experience

Innovative AI Features Now Available in Google Search and Search Labs

Google is significantly enhancing its search capabilities by introducing a series of new AI-powered features to both Google Search and Google Search Labs. These features, including AI Overviews, multistep reasoning capabilities, planning tools, AI-organised search results, and a new Google Lens ask-with-video feature, promise to revolutionise how users interact with search results. This suite of new tools requires users to opt-in for full access.

AI Overviews: Customisable Search Insights

One of the standout features being rolled out is the ability to adjust AI Overviews. This functionality allows users to simplify the language used in the overviews or delve into more detailed explanations. As explained by Liz Reid, the head of Google Search, users can click on “Simpler” for a more basic response or “Break it down” for a comprehensive explanation. This feature aims to refine search results, offering nuanced insights without necessitating multiple searches.


Multistep Reasoning: Complex Queries Made Simple

Google Search is also introducing multistep reasoning capabilities powered by Gemini’s step-by-step logic. This feature allows users to ask complex, multifaceted questions in a single query. For instance, you can inquire about the best yoga or pilates studios in Boston, including details on introductory offers and walking distances from specific locations like Beacon Hill. This feature is designed to handle intricate questions, breaking them down into digestible parts to provide thorough and accurate responses.

 Enhanced Planning Capabilities

The planning capabilities feature is another significant addition, designed to help users organise and co-create plans directly within Google Search. Whether planning meals, parties, or workouts, this tool offers a starting point with various options from across the web. Users can customise these plans by swapping out elements and exporting the final plans to Google Docs or Gmail. For example, you can ask Google to “create a 3-day meal plan for a group that’s easy to prepare,” and you’ll receive a tailored set of recipes that can be adjusted and exported as needed.

AI-Organised Search Results

To further streamline the search process, Google is introducing AI-organised search results. This feature categorises search results under unique, AI-generated headlines, providing a wide range of perspectives and content types. Initially, this functionality will roll out for dining and recipes, with plans to expand to movies, music, books, hotels, shopping, and more. By grouping results into specific categories, users can brainstorm options more effectively and explore diverse content related to their queries.

Lens Search with Video: Visual Queries Transformed

Google is also taking visual search to new heights with the introduction of Lens search with video. This feature allows users to record a video while asking questions, and Google will provide responses based on the queries. This innovative tool builds on the concept of multisearch with images and Circle to search, but enhances it by incorporating video. Users can interact with search in a more dynamic and engaging way, making it easier to get detailed answers to their questions.

Availability and Future Developments

These new features are set to roll out to U.S. users in English, with some available directly in Google Search and others accessible through Google Search Labs. The AI Overviews, multistep reasoning, and planning capabilities will soon be available for opt-in via Search Labs, while AI-organised search results and Lens search with video will be integrated into the standard search experience later this year.

A New Era of Search Experience

Search results are now more detailed, customisable, and interactive thanks to Google’s AI-powered features. Google uses advanced AI technologies to make searching easier and faster, helping users find information quickly. These features will change how we use search engines and set a new standard for online searches.

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