Essence of Modern SEO

Relevance Will Help you Succeed

SEO or search engine optimization is work which is deeply rooted in relevance. Although there is always something new every day and the terms searched for by people are not always the same, one thing remains true… if you are not relevant you will likely be forgotten. There is always the chance to win every day. Just like in a game of poker, there are days when the odds are in your favour and there are days when it just is not.

Competition is just like that. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. However, if you have been losing a lot lately, you might want to rethink strategy. It might be time for something new. The competition in the SEO industry with all the updates and changes from Google is like a game of cat and mouse. It is important for everyone who produces content to always look at their articles and blog post.

Exciting and frustrating

All the changes today are both exciting and frustrating at the same time. Everyone is in pursuit of making their rankings better and winning over the competition.  One way of doing this is to always think about what you are posting. Is it relevant? Will people be getting useful information from it? Will it be helpful? Will it get their attention? Relevance has become the new PR tool today and without it, what you do will be  a lost cause.

It is high time to focus more on the content being produced, instead of all the emphasis being on backlinks, and getting more traffic in ways which are frowned upon or considered improper. The essence of modern SEO has now switched to relevance and from here on it is going to be relevance.  This makes a lot of sense for people who want to boost their position in SERPS because it will help drive traffic.


Research is one of the most important steps to be undertaken when planning your content. Your content will not be relevant unless you put in time and effort to make sure that it is what users are looking for and that it is going to benefit them in some way. Poorly written content will be brushed off and you will only be wasting your time and resources on them.

Know what the audience wants

In order to know what your audience wants, you need to get to know them further. What do they engage in? What sort of products are they looking for? What do they need? What do they want? There have been so many changes and updates in Google but one thing remains the same, well-planned, well-researched and well-written content will always get on top and stay on top.

Never be too stingey with your time when it comes to research. It can do so much for you and it can make a huge difference. Utilize what available tools there are today to come up with a fresh and entertaining way of tackling a particular subject. A different approach to an often discussed subject can make a big difference.

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