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personalized search by Google
Personalized Search by Google

People are wondering just how personalized a personalized search is. Google alters your search results based on you and your personality and others in aggregate or just how other people previously searched for the same things. Personalization based on geography

social media SEO
Social Media and Your Rankings in Search Results

Social media has become such a powerful tool today and it has contributed to social awareness, an avenue for people to say what they feel, a great source of real time news and a great leap forward for search engines.

Preparing content for social media
Preparing Content for Social Media

Internet users are known to be quick browsers and they tend to just scan content rather than read entire blogs and articles. People are quite busy, they do not have all the time in the world to sit down and

Best Prctice for web page redirects
SEO Lessons on your Domain and Homepage

An audit of websites from the music industry revealed an appalling result. Almost 30% of these sites or sixteen sites forward people from their own domain to their homepage with the use of temporary redirect. Suffice it to say that

search results
What You Can See from Google Search Results

One of the most important lessons every website owner must know is the anatomy of the search result, which can help with SEO. What is there in the search result? What can you expect to get from it? What does

staying ahead of the competition
Keeping Tabs on the Competition to Stay Ahead

Even if you are busy accomplishing your goals as a marketer or SEO expert, you must always take time to check what your competition is doing. You can never be ahead of the competition if you do not know what

User-Generated Content and Its Effects on SEO

Although Facebook is the most popular social networking site today with billions of users worldwide, it does not mean that Google is not putting up a fight to get a fair share of the market. They have already unveiled Google+

Affected by Google Updates?

Since Google updates were launched, news of its effects have been widely discussed. The mayhem in the name of Penguin has wreaked havoc on the rankings of many websites. Suffice to say that not a lot of people are happy

Having Problems Getting a Decent Ranking?

There has been a lot of talk about SEO being dead or already dying and for people to completely abandon it and look for new ways to have higher rankings in search engines.  The SEO we used to practice before

More than Just SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation is not rocket science and it cannot give you the results you want overnight. It takes effort, time and research and without all these three components, it would be quite difficult to succeed or get

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