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Google’s Local Search Gets 7 New Features

During its annual Search On virtual conference, Google unveiled seven changes to local search. Seven local search enhancements and additions were unveiled during Google’s Search On conference. These changes will make Google Search a far better tool for discovering local

Adjusting to Google Updates

Since Google’s algorithm updates have been announced, individuals, as well as companies all over the world have lamented over its impact on their business and their sites. Most of them have seen a lower page ranks and reduced traffic. If

Penguin: What Everyone Needs to Know

The launch of Penguin has lead to a lot of speculations and half truths. The update has impacted a lot of businesses and individuals. One of the things which people have found out about Penguin is to be mindful of

What Can Digital Public Relations Do for SEO?

Public relations is more than just giving the company an excellent façade. Public relations has changed with the times and today it is now a big part of digital marketing which companies and businesses use to promote their brand, services

Google Panda – What to Do if You are Affected by the Update

Have you seen some changes in your rankings since the Panda roll out? Did your ranking plummet? Well, you are not alone. A lot of websites have been affected by the changes. As a matter of fact nearly 12% of

Using Google's link disavow tool
How to Use The Disavow Tool to Remove Google Penalties

Many websites have been affected by various updates released by Google. If you have also been affected, it might be time to go ahead and take a look at Google’s disavow tool. It might just be able to help remove

social media images seo
Images and Social Media

One of the most popular forms of content in social media are photographs or pictures.  Pictures are easily consumed, helps tell stories without consuming too much space and requires less reading. Not everyone who goes on the Internet likes to

Is your Website Affected by Google Updates?

Many companies today are wondering exactly what happened that they can no longer see their sites on Google’s top results right after the Penguin update. If you are not aware of it yet, the aim of the Penguin update was

international and local seo
International and Local SEO: What They Have in Common

Local SEO is very much different from international SEO. With international SEO you are targeting a much wider audience. With local SEO you are targeting perhaps only the people in your city or maybe in your country. Although they have

Google DMCA graph
Google’s Take on Piracy

Piracy has always been a big issue online and quite a lot of sites have been accused of committing it. Instead of sitting down and waiting for action, Google is taking it upon themselves to weed out sites accused of

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