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Smartphones and other handheld devices such as tablets are now taking over the world. They are frankly replacing notebooks and laptops because they are small, convenient and easy to operate. They can also be used for calling and sending people SMS. Smartphones are a trend in technology which has been embraced by people.

Millions of people use mobile devices to also get access to the Internet. If your business does not have a mobile friendly website, you are losing thousands of potential customers. After all, mobile browsing activity has increased by 1000% in just 2 years, from 2009 to 2011. An estimated 25% of mobile users access the internet through their mobile device at least once daily. The rise of mobile browsing is a solid proof that a mobile optimized web design is necessary.

The Need for Mobile Optimised Web Design

A website which is designed for web and mobile browsers is needed today to be able to effectively reach a wide range of audiences. The mobile web design should be flexible and compatible to various platforms which a diversity of smartphones used today. This will attract your chances of attracting more customers and satisfy your current clientele. If you ignore the millions of mobile browsers, you will be losing potential leads and conversions which could give you a steady flow of profits.

More people today now research products and services on their mobile before they purchase or pay for anything. Customers today have now become smarter and they spend some time getting to know the product they desire to buy and the company they intend to buy from before they part with their hard-earned money. If you have a mobile friendly website, you will have better chances of getting your products purchased.

Smartphone users are people who tend to have higher income. It is a fact well known today that smartphone users earn more compared to people who use traditional phones. According to research, in the US alone, more than 50% of people who use smartphones earn an average of $100,000 per year and sometimes even more. If you do not have a website which is friendly to mobile users, you and your product and service will be invisible to the millions of mobile users not only in the country but the whole world.

Mobile commerce has grown steadily over the last few years. In the year 2011, the sales generated from mobile ecommerce rose to $6 billion and it is expected by the end of this year, sales will exceed $10 billion. This only goes to show just how powerful smartphones and mobile commerce has become. Smartphones are indispensable and people do more than just call and send others messages.

If you want to maximize your profits and help your company grow, it is essential that you take advantage of all the benefits you can get from a website which has been designed especially for mobile users. With a responsive website, you will be able to connect to users with a broad range of browsers and devices. Having a business website platform which is developed for mobile devices will also help avoid the need for a second website just for mobile users. This will also allow your website to look the same on a mobile device and on a traditional computer.